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Review : The Unhoneymooners By Christina Lauren


Olive is unlucky. Her identical twin sister Ami is, however, probably the luckiest person on the planet. Olive, who is about to wed the man she dreams of, is forced to play with Ethan, her godfather.

Olive’s luck could be changing. . . Olive and Ethan are the only ones who suffer from food poisoning in their wedding. This means that they will have to pay for a honeymoon in Hawaii. Olive and Ethan leave behind their mutual hatred and head for paradise. Olive is not happy with her boss and begins to tell lies.

Ethan and Olive are forced to fall in love with each other. Olive soon discovers she doesn’t mind pretending. It’s actually starting to feel a little. . . Lucky.

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Are you looking for a quick, fun and addictive read? The unhoneymooners might be the book for you.

Two twins are met: Olive and Ami. At first glance, they look like two drops of water. The similarities end there. Olive, on the other hand, is a magnet for disaster. Ami can have all the luck and win everything.

Ami is always on the lookout for bargains so it’s not surprising that she was able to pay for her entire wedding without any fees. Food included: a large seafood buffet. What seemed like a fairytale ends with two thousand people vomiting including the groom and bride. All that seafood was contaminated, and Olive and Ethan, Ami’s brother, ate it all.

Amy believes that stopping paying for things is the best game.

They accept the offer to go on their honeymoon to Hawaii as the bride and groom. For 10 days, they will pretend to be newlyweds.

There is one problem. They haven’t gotten along well since their first meeting. Olive’s boss arrives at the hotel and plans are thrown off course. The only way to salvage the situation is to pretend that everything is okay.

There are enemies and lovers. The unhoneymooners was a book I loved from the moment I first saw it. I was drawn to the plot and it exceeded my expectations. It has been an amazing read. It reminded me a lot about The hating book. Both follow a similar pattern.

Olive is our main character. She could be described as pessimistic. Olive is a child who has suffered many misfortunes since childhood, but she now bows to the worst. He tends to see the negative side of everything, and those around him can confirm it.

However, not all things about her are bad. She is a fun, lively, and youthful girl.

Ethan, on the other hand, is a different story. Ethan isn’t the type of guy who hates everyone. He is actually very bright and charismatic. It is easy to imagine his appearance. It’s a cliche as any other.

Ethan says that they look identical, but their personalities are completely different. As if they were day and night. One is perfect, the other is mine.

Although the enemies to lovers are not strong, there is still a lot of rivalry, especially at the start of the book. The relationship they form is beautiful and hilarious, with some moments of humor and salsa.

Although the plot isn’t very original, it is addictive.

This is my first book by the author. I loved her writing style. It’s agile and dynamic, with a great balance between dialogue and descriptions, and very dynamic.

Olive is the unhoneymooners’ point of view. This is in the first person. This allows us to put ourselves in their shoes, and we are able to get deeper into the story. The plot is not going to change dramatically, although I would love one. Even though the last chapters left me a bit surprised, I was not disappointed.

The book forces you to think about how easy it is to misunderstand things depending on your perspective. This book contains many hidden lessons that can be applied to the lives of many people.

Christina Lauren did a great job with this book. I’ve read many of the reviews. This book is one of my favorite reads this year. It has made me laugh out loud and excited.

Summer is the perfect time to read The Unhoneymooners. It’s a quick, fresh, and easy read. It is full of humor and a lovers-enemies romance that you will love.

“-What makes it seem like you don’t feel for me?”


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