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Review: The Inheritance Games By Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Avery Grambs has a plan to make a better life: survive high school, get a scholarship and then go out. Avery is left with almost his entire fortune when Tobias Hawthorne, a billionaire, dies. Why? Avery doesn’t know why or who Tobias Hawthorne might be.

Avery must move into Hawthorne House to receive his inheritance. It is a sprawling house with many secret passageways. Each room has Avery’s old-man touch and his love for solving riddles, puzzles and codes. Avery is not the only one living in the Hawthorne house. Tobias Hawthorne recently inherited it. These four grandchildren are Hawthorne’s children – bright, magnetic, and dangerous kids who were raised with the expectation that one day they would inherit billions. Grayson Hawthorne, the heir apparent, believes that Avery is a con artist and is determined not to let her go. Jameson, her brother, views her as the latest mystery of his grandfather: a twisted riddle. A riddle to solve. With danger at every turn, she is trapped in a world full of wealth and privilege.

“About The Inheritance Games”

Because of its popularity on social media, I have wanted to read The Inheritance Games for a while. After seeing it on BookTok so many times, I decided to read it. Once I was done, I realized that the author had me hooked from beginning to ending.

Avery is the first to be involved in the inheritance games. Avery is a normal teenager and lives with her sister. Their mother passed away a few years back and their father left them. This left them broke. Avery and Libby, her sister, try to make it as good as they can. When he discovers that he has inherited all the wealth of Tobias Hawthorne, the richest man Texas has ever seen, everything changes. We aren’t talking about millions of dollars, but billions.

What is the why? Avery doesn’t know. What is the condition for inheriting all this wealth? Living at the Hawthorne house for one year with the deceased’s four grandsons and the entire family.

Fortune left you Avery, and all that he left is you.

The four grandchildren discover that their grandfather’s mysteries are still not over when they read their wills. He left them his last game before he died, and they discover the answers.

It was a great read. Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a skilled writer who can engage the reader and create an original and unique plot.

We meet Avery. Avery is strong, intelligent, and protective of her sister. She also supports others and thinks about them.

The four Hawthorne brothers Grayson, Jameson Alexander, Alexander, and Nash are on the other side. Each person has a completely different personality. The oldest, Nash, is the most observant and a person who does not care much about money. Alexander, the smallest and most childish of the four, has a brilliant, cunning mind that blew me away.

Grayson and Jameson are our last two children. Grayson is very serious, formal and legal. I love Grayson. Jameson is also one of my favourite characters. He’s a natural player and has a clear picture.

Avery Grambs, it’s all a game. We can only decide whether or not we want to win in this life.

I found the book to be very enjoyable. It was a maze of hidden doors, tunnels, and rooms that held many unsolved mysteries. It is a wonder that they have described it as.

“Traps upon tramps. And riddles upon riddles.

It was very exciting and addictive. While the mystery was being solved, a very subtle love triangle was created which progresses with each chapter. As a romance lover, it was a delight to see this combination.

The mystery portion of the book has not surprised me in any way. The ending felt a little predictable. It felt like I was learning more about the world as I read it. This may be due to the fact that it is written in first person from Avery’s perspective. The inheritance games is a book that forces you to think about things.

The book’s conclusion was quite open, with the author leaving things open for the next volume. There were many details that I didn’t understand and the main mystery still remains. So I will be reading the second book as soon as it is published by the author. I want to know the ending.

The inheritance games is a great book. It has a fluid, dynamic plot that is full of mysteries while also containing romance. Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a creative and addictive writer, as she shows in The inheritance games.


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