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Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses - A Court of Thorns and Roses 1 - By Sarah J. Maas


Feyre’s life and the lives of her family are at stake. She is faced with extreme hunger and will go to any length to get food. Her bravery makes her a captive of the mysterious Tamlin. He despite his coldness will help her find a burning passion that will define her destiny. Feyre will need to make a big decision in order to save his family and the world he loves.

About “A Court of Thorns and Roses”

It’s not surprising that a court of roses and thorns has such a large fan base.

Sarah j. Maas leads us through the history of Feyre. She lives in a world that is divided by a wall for many years.

Although fae can look and act different, mortals are still human. High fae, high lords and other high-ranking fae have more dangerous powers.

Feyre and his family are the first to understand. Their only hope of survival is hunting, as they have no food. Feyre doesn’t hesitate to kill a wolf he sees in the forest. The skin can be sold and you will make some extra money.

“But I would rather have an empty stomach than to be the prey of a hungry wolf.”

He didn’t realize the potential consequences. A beast from the other wall approaches his house, asking for explanations after he was killed. Your friend was killed by whom? Yes, the wolf was a Fae.

Feyre is forced to choose between two options: die there, or go to Prythian where all the faes reside, to exchange her life.

It is easy to imagine yourself choosing the second option.

Soon after, however, she discovers that Tamlin is her captor and that her feelings will start to emerge for him.

“I lived in that moment and the few seconds when our hands touched, my whole life changed.”

A court of flowers and thorns (A court of thorns) is the first book of the ACOTAR saga. You’ve probably heard of this saga. If not, I promise you that there are many Feyre fans.

It is well worth the hype, I must say. This book has gripped me from the very first page and I haven’t stopped reading it since. It is so good that I’ve already read it twice. It has a magical quality that transports you to another place.

Sarah J. Maas’ world is amazing, and all connected to make sense. Every detail in history has a reason. It was in the end, however, that I was truly stunned. That moment, I thought: “Claaaro!” Everything makes sense now.”

Feyre is the main character. She is brave, responsible, and has an incredible determination. I liked his approach to life and how he persevered despite all the difficulties.

Tamlin, on the other hand is someone who doesn’t take her feelings lightly. It’s even more. Protecting your lands and people is the most important thing.

Everybody says the plot is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. They may take the protagonist to a different place. But I see it as a retelling of that. A Court of Thorns and Roses is a unique story with unexpected twists.

I have been hooked since the very beginning. It is more than 400 pages long, but it has kept me quite short. Sarah J. Maas explains things so naturally that you can understand it all in one glance.

It is highly addictive and dynamic. The plot mixes romance with action and mystery. Although the first chapters are introductory, everything moves at a slower pace. However, once Feyre crosses the wall, everything becomes more dynamic.

You begin to see Tamlin as a character and the romance that exists slowly emerges. Although it isn’t an instant romance, I found it to be very beautiful.

My favorite pages are the last 150 pages, where it all really begins to shine. It all became clear to me, and I was like… Queeeeeeeeee!

After everything I had seen in the beginning, Tamlin’s performance in that role disappointed me. But, I began to like another character… (I don’t know who, spoilers!).

In summary, I love the author’s writing style and her books are authentic. Although some people claim that it is the worst book in the series I personally love it.

I was left wanting more, so today I am reading the second book in the trilogy.

The court of roses and the thorns is a must-read book with a magical atmosphere. This book is a must-read for lovers of fantasy and romance. A Court of Thorns and Roses is my favorite fantasy series.

“Everything that I love has a tendency disappear to be taken from me.”


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