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Review :A Court of Mist and Fury - A Court of Thorns and Roses 2 - By Sarah J. Maas


The fourth part of the saga is intense, dark, romantic, and magical. A court of roses, thorns, will have you longing for more.

Feyre and Rhys, along with their circle, are rebuilding the Court of the Night’s world and the Court of the Night. The Winter Solstice is finally here… in full force. The shadows of the past are still present in the present, even though the festive atmosphere can counteract them. Feyre is aware that the people he loves have wounds from the past that are not obvious to him. These scars will have a profound impact on your Court’s future.

“About A Court of Mist and Fury”

A Court of Ice and Stars didn’t meet my high expectations. I read reviews before I started the book. Some had one star reviews, while others had five stars… I decided to give it another chance.

This book is a good read, and it has helped me to learn more about the history of Rhysand and Feyre after A Court of Wings and Ruin.

It is true that it was not as amazing as the others in the saga but it is not a disappointment. The lives of the protagonists following the war against Hybern have been revealed to me. How Velaris is recovering after all the attacks.

Like all Sarah J. Maas books, I enjoyed the book. The book’s narrative keeps you engaged with the story, but when I look at it from an outside perspective, I can’t help but feel that I would have been unable to live without it. This book is a bonus for the story because it was written for people who want to learn more about Rhys and Feyre’s lives.

Although it doesn’t tell us anything of importance, it does tell us more about the lives and times of the main characters. A Court of Ice and Stars was my favorite part of the book. It is told from multiple perspectives so we can learn more about Azriel, Mor, Cassian and my favorite, Rhys. Rhysand’s and Feyre’s stories are in the first person. The other characters are in the third person, but they are centered on them.

I was very disappointed in Nesta and Cassian. I was hoping that there would be something between them after the third book, but it didn’t happen. This could be why the author wrote another book to tell her story.

However, I do know that Azriel is a favorite of ours and Sarah J. Maas may write a book about him and Elain. They will be together, regardless of Lucien being Lucien’s mate. It is very disappointing that he has fallen in love with Mor, and that she can’t return the feeling. You deserve someone who makes your life happy. That person would be Elain, from my perspective.

A Court of Ice and Stars was a book that I could not put down, but it left me smiling. Sarah J. Maas allows you to see the everyday lives of the protagonists, as well as their emotions.

Although the author may not have written this book in his lifetime, I consider it a gift for ACOTAR lovers.


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