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Book Review Reading Room

On this page I will highlight my recommended books, those that I have liked the most of those that I have read.

In this classification there are all kinds of books since my literary tastes are very varied. You will find reviews of non fiction how to and inspirational through to fictional mystery, science fiction, classic books, humor and human relations.

In general, if I have recommended them, it is because they have left their mark on me in some way, and I think they are interesting books to read for one reason or another.

Normally I read non fiction because it is what helps me the most to change the world and myself, but sometimes you will also find recommendations on fiction as well.

Happy reading and I hope my recommendations will inspire you.


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I have done a ton of things in my life from presenting sporting events right through to being a successful businesswoman (even at a relatively young age).

I have a well-balanced life and a great sense of humor.

Reading is my passion, and this blog is my hobby and is also about me reviewing books that I have read.


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