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Hi, I’m Bonnie Rae. I was born in Canada in 1994 and moved to Atlanta, Georgia when I was 16. When I was 20 years old, my professional activity has been characterized by
combining two very different facets –
Copy-Creative Advertising
Voice Actress

I have worked preparing advertising campaigns in different agencies and as free-lance both for press and for radio and television (original idea and texts). As an announcer, I have given voice to characters in movies, television spots, radio spots and has been speaking audiobooks for 4 years (more than 200).

Humor is a constant in my life, and I have created and performed monologues in theatres and stand-up circuits.

I have presented sporting, business and institutional events and I continue to do these things. On top of this, I am now launching my book review blog. Check out the wide-ranging reviews that I cover here in this blog.