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Review: A Kingdom Of Flesh And Fire By Jennifer L. Armentrout
Synopsis: A betrayal... Every thing Poppy believed was a lie, even the man she fell in love with. She is seen as a symbol for a monstrous kingdom and she doesn't know who she is without the Maiden. He knows that she is just as dangerous as him. The darkness. The Prince of Atlantia. He wants her to fight against him and that's an order that he is more than happy to follow. He might have accepted it, but he will never accept it again. An election... Casteel da'Neer is a name that goes by many names. His lies are ...
Review: From Blood And Ash By Jennifer L. Armentrout
Synopsis A maiden... Poppy was born to heroism and bring in a new age. The maiden's life is lonely. Never touch. Never to be touched Never to be spoken about. Never feel pleasure. She would rather spend her Ascension Day with her guards fighting evil than prepare to be worthy of gods. The choice is not yours. A duty... Poppy is responsible for the future of the kingdom. She's not sure if she wants it. Because a maiden can have a heart. A soul. It is a longing. When Hawke, a gold-eyed honor guard, arrives in her life, destiny, duty, ...
Review: The Inheritance Games By Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Synopsis Avery Grambs has a plan to make a better life: survive high school, get a scholarship and then go out. Avery is left with almost his entire fortune when Tobias Hawthorne, a billionaire, dies. Why? Avery doesn't know why or who Tobias Hawthorne might be. Avery must move into Hawthorne House to receive his inheritance. It is a sprawling house with many secret passageways. Each room has Avery's old-man touch and his love for solving riddles, puzzles and codes. Avery is not the only one living in the Hawthorne house. Tobias Hawthorne recently inherited it. These four grandchildren are ...
Review : The Unhoneymooners By Christina Lauren
Synopsis: Olive is unlucky. Her identical twin sister Ami is, however, probably the luckiest person on the planet. Olive, who is about to wed the man she dreams of, is forced to play with Ethan, her godfather. Olive's luck could be changing. . . Olive and Ethan are the only ones who suffer from food poisoning in their wedding. This means that they will have to pay for a honeymoon in Hawaii. Olive and Ethan leave behind their mutual hatred and head for paradise. Olive is not happy with her boss and begins to tell lies. Ethan and Olive are ...
Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses - A Court of Thorns and Roses 1 - By Sarah J. Maas
Synopsis: Feyre's life and the lives of her family are at stake. She is faced with extreme hunger and will go to any length to get food. Her bravery makes her a captive of the mysterious Tamlin. He despite his coldness will help her find a burning passion that will define her destiny. Feyre will need to make a big decision in order to save his family and the world he loves. About "A Court of Thorns and Roses" It's not surprising that a court of roses and thorns has such a large fan base. Sarah j. Maas leads us ...
Review :A Court of Mist and Fury - A Court of Thorns and Roses 2 - By Sarah J. Maas
Synopsis: The fourth part of the saga is intense, dark, romantic, and magical. A court of roses, thorns, will have you longing for more. Feyre and Rhys, along with their circle, are rebuilding the Court of the Night's world and the Court of the Night. The Winter Solstice is finally here... in full force. The shadows of the past are still present in the present, even though the festive atmosphere can counteract them. Feyre is aware that the people he loves have wounds from the past that are not obvious to him. These scars will have a profound impact on ...